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SheepNext2Me (Oct 2017):My Kennel is gearing up for an Epic Hashoween on the 28th of October. So they wanted something nice to as a gimmie. After doing alot of research and hitting alot of sites it was decided to get Fanny Packs for Everyone. Lots of folks joke and kid people who run trail with a Fanny Pack but hey! those things come in handy!
The main thing requested was that the Packs be waterproof and have more room than some simple waist pack. oh and had to be a better price than getting them overseas! (Alibaba anyone?). I found all this at Promotion Choice. A waterproof pack with 3 zippered compartments.
Promotion Choice’s design center is simpler than most. just need to post color requested and number wanted then onto the print color and uploading your artwork. they also have a place to post info and request about the artwork and any wording you want. They also do alot more than Packs and hope to use them in the future for other custom gimmies.
Pricing was decent. was able to get 69 (teehee) Packs for about $2.80 a piece. there was shipping unfortunately. but i singed up for promos and got a discount code that wiped that out for this order.
Couple of things that got me was about an hour after placing the order i got an email confirming the order then another email telling me they didn’t have the color pack i wanted. Tht was a bit frustrating since i had to jump thru hoops to get my MM to agree to one color. They had 2 other colors and i just picked the Blue ones. Got another email after that saying the Jpg pic i sent was low resolution and they needed a better version. they offered to make it into a Vector for me for $20. I told them no and just sent them a better bigger version of the Logo. Must have been good enough since a few hours later i got a virtual proof of the logo and wording on a pack. I approved it and told them to get to it.
All this happened on the 2nd of October. On the 5th of Ocotober (my beerfday!) FedEx dropped off a box full of printed blue fanny packs! That was an amazing turnaround time!
Pretty happy with the packs. Our Kennels official colors are blue and green so in hindsight i might have had them print the logo in a bright green. but white doesn’t look too bad. The 3 zippered chambers look big enough for carrying al the crap you want on trail. Especially the big middle one. room for a phone and a beer! Will do a followup on just how durable these things are when actually used on trail!

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